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From humble beginnings to an international group.

Axé Capoeira began in Recife in 1982. Over the last 4 decades the group has risen to be one of the world’s leading Capoeira organizations, with the legendary Mestre Barrão at its helm. Backed by the worldwide release of ten albums of music on Spotify, Apple, and Bandcamp, and the five-volume instructional DVD compilation, enrolment continues to steadily increase with over 10,000 members around the world in over 30+ countries.

Axé Capoeira is also renowned as a performance group which celebrates the history, music, art, and culture of Brazil. Performances range from educational workshops, corporate shows and weddings, to multi-tier public events.



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Based in New York

Based in New York

Based in New York

Based in New York

Based in New York

Based in New York

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Based in New York




Mr. Barrao
Founder, Mestre Barrão
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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Axé Capoeira is to respect all the mestres, preserve the roots and traditions of Capoeira, and train Capoeira in all its aspects: as a fight, art, and culture.

We endeavor to teach and educate so that capoeira will grow in a positive healthy way. We attempt to pass on to the students physical and mental methods of training so that they learn to create situations and maintain a dialogue within the game.

By playing both with friends and adversaries, students learn to deal with any situation in or out of the roda. In North America, we not only teach movements, but the Brazilian language and customs as well, so that the students may become true capoeiristas.

Our Mission

Axé Capoeira works relentlessly to ensure that Capoeira has a strong future and can be placed among the most widely practiced and respected martial art forms in the world. Through historical research, travel and event participation, we hope to increase our knowledge in the art and contribute to the evolution and growth of Capoeira.

In addition, we strive to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for our members of all ages. At Axé Capoeira, we take pride in providing a positive atmosphere where youth and members of the community have a place to build self-confidence, tactical skills and improve their lifestyle.

Our Vision

To maintain the traditions, culture and roots of Capoeira creating a lasting and authentic legacy.