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Mestre Barrão

"Mestre Barrão (Marcos Da Silva) was one of the pioneers of bringing Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture to Canada in the early 90s. In 1990, the Vancouver Children’s Festival organizers brought Mestre barrao to Canada to perform at their event. Mestre Barrão had come from the favelas of Brazil and in Canada he saw a great opportunity for growth. He couldn’t speak English, had $35 in his pocket and one big dream.

With willpower, determination and unwavering belief in his plan he immigrated to Canada. From there, he opened the very first Capoeira school in Canada in 1996 and Axé Capoeira and expanded to over 35 countries. Mestre Barrão is now an internationally recognized legend of Capoeira, receiving accolades, awards and an honorary doctorate in Capoeira.

He is most well known for being the founder and leader of one the largest capoeira groups in the world and for publishing over 150 original songs. He now resides in Brazil where he runs a Capoeira school for underprivileged youth. While Brazil is and always will be home, Vancouver is where his dreams came true. To find out more about Mestre Barrao visit axecapoeira.com

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Marcus 'Barrãozinho' Aurelio

Mestrando Barrãozinho is a Capoeirista, a stunt actor, an MMA fighter and an inspiration to those who know of him. Establishing himself as a rising capoeira star in the 90s, he competed internationally and won several awards and competitions as a teenager.  

Over the last two decades he has brought capoeira to the forefront in MMA with his viral knockouts. In 2011, he created and curated the Afro-Brazilian Carnaval street festival, which ran for 7 years straight in Downtown Vancouver.

He is known across the globe for his stunt work in Arrow, The Last of Us, and The Adam Project to name a few. His next endeavour is sure to build a lasting legacy for Axe Capoeira - the establishment of the first-ever Capoeira University in Brazil.

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Contra Mestre Ossoduro

Contra-Mestre Ossoduro (Marcus Vinicius) – Axe Capoeira Vancouver’s leader (Commercial Dr), he is best known for fusing MMA and Capoeira into his own unorthodox and exciting game style, professional MMA fighter and stuntman.