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Premiere capoeira school in Turkey. Adults, Youth and Mini kids excel in this program with Contra Mestre Cabelo

2/F Wanchai Commercial Centre, 194-204 Johnston Road, Wanchai
3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4M4

Axé Capoeira Trout Lake

Professor Polvo

Minis (3-6 YRS), Youth (7-16 YRS)

Welcome to Axé Capoeira Trout Lake, a premier destination for learning and experiencing the vibrant art of Brazilian capoeira in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nestled in the picturesque Trout Lake community, our school offers a comprehensive capoeira program that blends martial arts, dance, acrobatics, and music, providing a rich cultural experience for students of all ages and skill levels. Our Mission At Axé Capoeira Trout Lake, our mission is to foster a love for capoeira while promoting physical fitness, cultural awareness, and personal growth. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners, can thrive. Our experienced instructors are committed to helping you achieve your personal goals through the dynamic practice of capoeira.

6260 Killarney St, Vancouver, BC V5S 2X7

Axé Capoeira Killarney

Mestre Barrãozinho

Minis (3-6 YRS), Youth (7-16 YRS), Adults (13+ YRS)

Mestrando Barrãozinho is a Capoeirista, a stunt actor, an MMA fighter and an inspiration to those who know of him. Establishing himself as a rising capoeira star in the 90s, he competed internationally and won several awards and competitions as a teenager. Over the last two decades he has brought capoeira to the forefront in MMA with his viral knockouts. In 2011, he created and curated the Afro-Brazilian Carnaval street festival, which ran for 7 years straight in Downtown Vancouver. He is known across the globe for his stunt work in Arrow, The Last of Us, and The Adam Project to name a few. His next endeavour is sure to build a lasting legacy for Axe Capoeira - the establishment of the first-ever Capoeira University in Brazil.

1661 Napier St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4X4

Axé Capoeira Britannia

Mestrando Osso Duro & Professora Mulher Maravilha

Minis (3-6 YRS), Youth (7-16 YRS), Adults (13+ YRS)

Welcome to Axé Capoeira Britannia, located in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Situated within the vibrant Britannia community, our school is a thriving center for those looking to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of Brazilian capoeira. At Axé Capoeira Britannia, we offer a unique blend of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, and music, providing an enriching cultural experience for all ages.